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TR6   1971 PI

Date of build:   9th August 1971

Despatched to the Tourist Trophy Garage Ltd, Farnham on the 12th August 1971

Original colour was Saffron with Black interior


At long last I finally have a TR6. I'm fulfilling a boyhood dream of owning one. Ever since I saw my first one many, (many), years ago.  I didn't realise I would be approaching 60 yrs of age before obtaining it. That's me on the left.

The vehicle was in bits when I received it and was a real jigsaw puzzle. However, with the help of my forum friends at the TR Register UK (they are a wealth of information and nice blokes too), I believe I can restore this magnificent sports car to it's former glory. Thanks to my mate Mark (Marks) too, for having a great TR6 for referral and for his input.

The car was a rolling chassis with the tub on and body panels fastened by a couple of bolts each one.

                                  A post                    IMGP1687.JPG (2179176 bytes)

The parts (of which there are many), were in cardboard boxes. I have repacked and labelled the parts in plastic bags which really helps (me).

The really astute of you will have noticed that the body (tub) panels are assembled with nuts and bolts and what looks like airplane rivets. Apparently, this was not the normal assembly procedure at the Triumph Canley plant. If anyone can shed any light on this, Please drop me a line.

Needless to say, the body will stay like this as it is unique to this vehicle and well worth preserving. More pics of this procedure below.

IMGP1709.JPG (66875 bytes)             IMGP1713.JPG (68755 bytes)            IMGP1710.JPG (566984 bytes)            IMGP1716.JPG (1534514 bytes)          



Chassis     Car strip    Body    Injection     Brakes     Engine





Improvement details:

6 Cyl 2500cc

Stage 2 Head

Lucas Fuel Injection

Compression 10.5 :1

Performance Cam

Double valve springs

Flywheel lightened

Engine Balanced

J Type overdrive

Electronic ignition

Uprated drive shafts

Electric fan

Electric water pump

Rear Disc brakes

heritage.jpg (95317 bytes)

Heritage Certificate

tr6_tech_data.jpg (532250 bytes)

Technical Certificate