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ACE Communications WA have been manufacturing emergency phones for over twelve years now and continually strive to produce quality products for the private sector.

We have been a strong contender in the field of Solar powered Emergency phones that you seeon the freeways of Australia and we maintain a constant improvement policy.


Ace Emergency Phones are solar powered and work on the GSM, NextG and 3G system. All help phones have built in diagnostics capability and will call a central control centre when a problem arises. This negates the need for costly on-site inspections.


   All ACE products are designed to Australian standards and to suit Australian conditions.

All Ace Help Phones support:




All Ace Help Phones now incorporate self diagnostics when powered up. This speeds up installation and the Help Phone will not only tell the installer if there is a problem but also where the problem is.

Ace Communications WA also has a range of Barrier mounted Help Phones.

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